What is the Partnership Program?

The Antinol®️ Partnership Program (APP) was created to assist veternarians and their clients to navigate the internet process. Veternarians feel cheated when a client buys a product from an internet discount site that they previously recommended.

Now Veternarians can direct their client to the APP to buy Antinol®︎ from the web and as a result, the Pet Parent receives home delivery at a good price, while the veternarian still receives a margin instead of losing the income to the internet discounter.

See the potential to add value to your clinic.

Antinol®️ Partnership Program

The Problem

Customers always seek online discounts and convenience and there are resellers with little or no overheads that enable them to provide discounts that take revenue from veternarians.

Research shows that customers continue to purchase Antinol (and other products) for a longer period with online subscription.

The Solution

Refuse supply to any online discounters.

Provide online subscription discounts to veternarian's customers and a significant margin share to veternarians which, because of proven long term buying patterns, provides veternarians greater long term income at no cost.

That is what the Antinol® Partnership Program offers.

Margin Calculator

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A conservative estimate of a single veternarian's potential earnings growth over 3 years.

Estimated 3 Year Growth

Based on 2 small dogs, 2 large dogs and 1 cat per week, per year.

How it Works

You calculate your minimum annual margin based on large dogs, small dogs cats and exotics.