Why the Partnership?

Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) and Antinol® both believe that the well-being and mobility of animals are very valuable and should gain more public awareness. This partnership will help support animals to maintain happiness in motion. 

Our Partnership

“Love Animals, Respect Lives, Never Kill Never Abandon” is the philosophy of Society for Abandoned Animals. Established in 1997, SAA is now home mainly to abandoned dogs and cats. Hoping to spread the importance of animal mobility and wellness, as well as the significance of early prevention, SAA have been partnering with Antinol® as soon as Antinol® arrived in Hong Kong they have been sharing to the public ever since.

Antinol® is glad to continue to cooperate with SAA to help animals maintain their best conditions in movement. Seeing animals not just surviving but enjoying their lives, we know our efforts are worth it.

Society for Abandoned Animals Partnership

Representative of Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA)

We have been collaborating with Antinol® for a long time so we immediately agreed to join hands with Antinol® in this partnership when they approached us. We have good user experiences with Antinol® and we want to introduce these good products to our supporters and those in need.

SAA’s experience with Antinol

Representative of Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA)

At the very beginning, we were recommended by one of our founder’s friends who experienced good results with Antinol®. It is now applied to animals in our society. For example, two of our cats, Chung Gor Jai and Jin, both have improved mobility after taking Antinol®. Jin can even jump up and down a chair which she had difficulty to do before. Moreover, one of our Mongrels, Glory, who was abandoned when little, has spent her life in our place. As she aged, her legs and paws became deformed and she has nearly no working muscles now. But with Antinol®, she can still walk around and socialize with people and animals in our society even in her condition. All animals in our society are taken care of by our vets. As a preventive means, we also give animals older than eight years old Antinol® even if they haven’t shown any symptoms. Compared to those who took Antinol® after they showed joint problems, we found out that these cats and dogs experience less joint issues as they age.

About Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA)

Established in 1997, 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the organization, Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) is a group consisting of people who focus on animal rights and welfare with “Love Animals, Respect Lives, Never Kill Never Abandon” as their philosophy.

All animals here, no matter if they are abandoned, disabled, aged or sick, SAA promises to find them homes and take care of them till the end. The joy of being able to find homes for the animals is one of the reasons which motivates SAA to save more abandoned animals.

Services of SAA include:

  • Helping abandoned animals find new owners
  • Providing assistance to pet owners who need to find animals to donate blood
  • Free desex services for animals by SAA Veterinary Centre and SAA Albert Wu Veterinary Centre
  • Visiting the needy in the society of Hong Kong, including but not limited to the elderly and the mentally disabled
  • Holding different public education activities to promote animal rights and welfare
  • Conducting Trap Neuter Return (TNR) trials to control the number of stray dogs