11-yr-old Rally rejuvenates during her retirement

11-yr-old Rally rejuvenates during her retirement

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Rally is a yellow Labrador Retriever from Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association. She is already 11 years old, which is about 70 in human years. During her routine veterinary inspection in early 2021 before she retired, stiffness was discovered in her left hindleg. The strained joint might be a result of long walking hours during her 8 years as a working dog.

Now that Rally has retired, she is enjoying a brand new life in her latest home. However, because of physical discomfort, she was lacking energy, lost her will to move around and would lie down all the time. Under the vet’s recommendation, Rally started taking Antinol® in July, 2021. In just a few months, her overall condition had significantly improved. Although mild stiffness can still be observed through her actions, she now enjoys walking, running and playing with her new siblings. It is difficult to believe that Rally was suffering from joint degeneration and arthritis just a few months back!

Rally running  Rally with friends 


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